Watch and/or listen to the premiere of ‘The Most Special of Wallpapers’ performed by Ensemble Dasein

I am happy to present a video from the premiere of ‘The Most Special of Wallpapers’.

The piece was written for the newly established Ensemble Dasein, a chamber group for new music, organised and led by my friend and (former) co-student Nils Henriksson. The first project of this eminent ensemble was a short concert of two pieces given at Ohlinsalen, Artisten, at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, November 3rd 2017.

I had the enormous pleasure to conduct my own work, spending five days rehearsing with the group in a very personal and interactive setting, with the project culminating to a fantastic performance. I look forward to work with Ensemble Dasein in the future.

Watch and listen:

Just listen:

The piece was exclusively funded by the Composer Fund of RÚV – the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service – and STEF – the collective rights management society of Iceland.

Post photo by Teo Bille.

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