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Eitt orð for SATB chorus a cappella:

Performed by Iceland Academy of the Arts (LHÍ) music department’s chorus, conducted by Sigurður Árni Jónsson, at Skálholt Summer Concerts (Sumartónleikar í Skálholti), July 5th 2015.

Við lindina for SATB chorus a cappella:

Performed by the composer’s chorus in Hafnarfjörður School of Music, October 29th 2011, conducted by Sigurður Árni Jónsson.

Conducting James MacMillan’s Data Est Mihi Omnis Potestas:

Performed by Melodia Chamber Choir (Kammerkór Áskirkju) in Áskirkja, September 24th, 2016. Conducted by Sigurður Árni Jónsson.

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