Pulsating Home (for orchestra) recording online!

I have finally made the recording of my orchestral piece Pulsating Home available online. I’ve been meaning to upload this for a while and I don’t have a good reason for the delay, but it’s finally here. Performed at the “composer class” concert (kompositionklasserna) of 2017 with Norrköpings Symphony Orchestra and conductor Michael Bartosch.

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Watch and/or listen to the premiere of ‘The Most Special of Wallpapers’ performed by Ensemble Dasein

I am happy to present a video from the premiere of ‘The Most Special of Wallpapers’.

The piece was written for the newly established Ensemble Dasein, a chamber group for new music, organised and led by my friend and (former) co-student Nils Henriksson. The first project of this eminent ensemble was a short concert of two pieces given at Ohlinsalen, Artisten, at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, November 3rd 2017.

I had the enormous pleasure to conduct my own work, spending five days rehearsing with the group in a very personal and interactive setting, with the project culminating to a fantastic performance. I look forward to work with Ensemble Dasein in the future.

Watch and listen:

Just listen:

The piece was exclusively funded by the Composer Fund of RÚV – the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service – and STEF – the collective rights management society of Iceland.

Post photo by Teo Bille.

“I am a Desk” at Ung Nordisk Music Festival in Reykjavík

I am delighted to be among the young composers programmed at this years Ung Nordisk Musik (UNM Iceland) in Reykjavík.

While my piece “Referral Stampede”, for ensemble, was selected, some administrative changes had to be made, so my contribution will actually be a piece for solo piano, “I am a Desk”. The work was originally written and premiered in 2014 but extensively revised in 2016. This will be the premier of (what I dare say is) the final version of the piece.

Due to a clash of many personal obligations at this time, I will not be making my way to Iceland for this years installment. Hope to get in next year!

31. May: Norrköping Symphony Orchestra premiers Pulsating Home

My master studies in composition at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg come to a close with the premier of my work Pulsating Home!

View event here!

Place: De Geerhallen in Norrköping, Sweden.
Time and date: 19:00 May 31st.
Performers: Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Michael Bartosch conductor.

Free entry!

With Mathematics Abstaining: two performances in May 2017

After premiering With Mathematics Abstaining for solo cello at the Siren Festival in Gothenburg, My Hellgren is performing the piece on two occasions this month; at Solofestivalen in Uppsala, Sweden, on the 19th (for info, click here!) and at Mimitabu’s concert in Gothenburg on the 28th (click here for info).

It’s so great to see the piece stay with the performer!

Have a listen to the piece below.

Referral Stampede at New Directions festival in Piteå

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The danish chamber ensemble Esbjerg Ensemble will perform a newly written piece of mine, Referral Stampede, at New Directions festival in Piteå, Sweden, March 17th 2016.

The piece was specially written for the ensembles’ composition competition announced last year.

It is an honour to be featured in this concert.


Söngsveitin Fílharmónia and Duo Harpverk premier Vaknaðu!

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My newest piece, Vaknaðu, for chorus, vibraphone and harp, will be premiered on November 8 by Söngsveitin Fílharmónía and Duo Harpverk. The piece was specially written for this occasion upon request from Magnús Ragnarsson, my (old) conducting mentor/teacher and Fílharmóníans´ conductor.

The piece is set to a poem by Snorri Hjartarson and I thank his estate/representative for the honour of using the words.