All compositions


Pulsating Home (2017)
-instr: 3333-4331-1timp.3perc.hrp.-str.

Omitted (2014)
-instr: 2222-2221-3perc.hrp.pno-str.

Chamber ensemble (5+ players)

The Most Special of Wallpapers (2017)
-pierrot quintet

Seeking Amethyst (2016)
-instr: 15 string players (9vlns-3vlas-2vcl-1cb)

Referral Stampede (2015)
-instr: 01(+CA)1(+BassCl)1-0000-1perc-10110

Byproduct (2015)
-instr: 1111-1110-2perc.pno-11111

Small chamber (2-4 players)

Two Sections for string quartet (2015/16)
-string quartet

Clarity Psalm (2014)
-2 clarinets in Bb

Sentientia I (2014)
-brass quintet


With Mathematics Abstaining (2016-17)
-cello with scordatura

I am a Desk (2014, revised 2016)

I am a Lamp (2014)

Haust (2012)

Vorkoma (2012)
-classical guitar


Vaknaðu (2015)
-SATB chorus, vibraphone & harp

Shelley on Music (2015)
-SATB chorus a cappella

Gimbillinn (2015)
-SATB chorus a cappella

Söknuður (Man eg þig, mey!) (2015)
-SATB chorus a cappella

Eitt orð (2014)
-SATB chorus a cappella

Tunglskin (2011)
-SATB chorus a cappella

Við lindina (2011)
-SATB chorus a cappella

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