Sigurður Árni Jónsson has conducted alongside composing since 2011.


Orchestral/ensemble conducting:

  • Studied with Gunnsteinn Ólafsson 2013-2015
  • Theoretical assignments included close study, analysis and practice of classical and romantic symphonic works.
  • Practical assignments included conducting reading sessions with Ungfónía (youth orchestra) of orchestral exercises by composition students at Iceland Academy of the Arts.

Choral conducting:

  • Studied with Magnús Ragnarsson 2011-2014
  • Theoretical assignments included baton/beat patterns, emotional gestures and breath control, etc.
  • Practical assignments included a number of guest appearances conducting Söngsveitin Fílharmónía, Melodia chamber choir and Hljómeyki chamber choir, during rehearsals and concerts, performing both contemporary works and older pieces.

Independent work:

  • Founded and conducted a choir in Hafnarfjörður from 2011-2012.
  • Founding member of the IAA (LHÍ) music department’s chorus, primary conductor during the first year and joint conductor the second year.
  • Final graduation concert from IAA  consisted of music written and conducted by the composer, including an a cappella choir and a sinfonietta of 16 players.
  • Studied conducting with professor Jan Yngwe at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, along side composition.


Conducting James MacMillan’s Data Est Mihi Omnis Potestas:

Performed by Melodia Chamber Choir (Kammerkór Áskirkju) in Áskirkja, September 24th, 2016. Conducted by Sigurður Árni Jónsson.

Copyright belongs to mr. MacMillan and co. and this video will be removed if prompted.

Conducting Eitt orð:

Performed by Iceland Academy of the Arts (LHÍ) music department’s chorus, conducted by Sigurður Árni Jónsson, at Skálholt Summer Concerts (Sumartónleikar í Skálholti), July 5th 2015.